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What can a QualisQMS do? It will bring your people together at the intersection of customers, culture and quality to:

1. Provide clients, their families and funders with confidence that you have the necessary business, operational and service delivery processes and checks in place to consistently deliver quality services.

2. Engage your people by making business, operational and service delivery processes and responsibilities clear and accountable, while encouraging ongoing learning on a quality journey.

3. Make accreditation and compliance not only easier, but by integrating processes and linking up multiple standards requirements, you can more readily use standards to inform your quality journey and use the QMS to help you evidence your processes for accreditation, licensing and verification.

I hear this from a lot of organisations I visit and it seems to be a common cry for help across most sectors. Things evolve in organisations with good intent but inevitably document control gets put to the backburner and it all becomes too hard to bring everything into order.

QualisQMS was started because we wanted to help organisations solve this problem and spend more time supporting people and less time looking for documents or using old versions.

The document registry feature is an opportunity to bring everything together in the one spot for everyone to access with different levels of permission, all based in the cloud rather than on just a drive or someone’s USB or laptop.

When everything is together it can be put under a common document control system and is the latest version. What could be simpler!

Qualis comes form the Latin word quality and defines what our quality management system is all about (QMS). We have strived to introduce a new innovative way for you to maintain and run your quality management system.
Drawing on experience from several industry sectors the QualisQMS team has established a QMS that is eloquent while being logical and easy to manage and use from small to large enterprises. 

So, what is a quality management system all about?

In brief it is an assembly of business procedures and or processes, focused on consistently meeting customer requirements and enterprise compliance. It should be aligned with an organisation's purpose and strategic direction. By integrating the various internal processes within the organisation, it can provide a process approach for project execution. A process based QMS enables the organisations to identify, measure, control and improve the various core business processes that will ultimately lead to improved business performance customer outcomes and then progression to certification to a range of compliant standards.

In brief it is an assembly of business procedures and or processes, focused on consistently meeting customer requirements and enterprise compliance.

A QMS Improves organisational effectiveness and provides traceability for compliance through to audit. The QMS systematic approach ensure consistent outcomes.

A critical role of a QMS is establishing important goals for critical operational sectors, then measuring and reviewing the organisation’s effectiveness achieving those goals, promoting efficiency within an organisation.

A further aim of a working QMS is to improve customer satisfaction by maintaining a traceable process.

Compliance is at the heart of many functioning organisations and yet organisations feedback highlights that compliance to standards and regulations is one of their biggest challenges.  They often find it difficult to meet the expectations of auditors or simply have difficulty in compliance to the requirements.

So how does QualisQMS help your enterprise or organisation?

Compliance to standards and regulations is built into the QualisQMS, including into the documentation system, the internal auditing program, and the measurement and reporting system.  This means for our client’s compliance is much less of a challenge as it is integrated into our functioning QMS.

Employees can find maintaining compliance as the most frustrating aspects of their job QualisQMS has streamlined and simplified the process and with strong support taking the frustration and pressure out of the process.

QualisQMS helps remove Poor documentation which is often a common issue in organisations.  Critical processes and objectives are often not clearly defined, this puts organisational and compliance to standards success at risk.

QualisQMS helps to define document systems and document needs so activities and processes are clearly recorded and available.

Diversity & Inclusion Statement

QualisQMS Pty Ltd is committed to being inclusive. We highly value and celebrate diversity and believe in equity. We demonstrate this through inclusive employment and through business practices that ensure that people of diverse social groups, such as culturally and linguistically diverse communities, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, members of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex communities, people on the autism spectrum and those living with visible and invisible disability are treated with respect and equity.

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